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When I started Product Chart, I had the idea "what if we could sort products by two dimensions rather than by just one?". Turns out it results in what I now call a "Product Chart". Like a list of products. But now you can sort by one criteria (say price) on the y-axis and by one criteria (say screen size) on the x-axis. This let loose a whole lot of experimentation and many people liked it. So now there are all these charts which are kept updated every day and will hopefully help you find the perfect laptop for you!

Laptop Comparison

The chart that made Product Chart famous. Compare laptops popular in 2024.

Gaming Laptops

A great GPU, a quality keyboard and a fast display - boom! You have a gaming laptop! Here is the chart of our favorites in July 2024.

Laptops with Matte Screens

You don't want to see your own reflection or the reflection of the things around you when you work on your laptop? Understandable! Here is the solution: Our comparison of laptops with matte screens.

Touch screen laptops

Remember when Steve Jobs introduced the iPad and proudly showed how you now can touch the websites you visit? Wanna do this on your laptop too? Here we go!

Find a similar laptop

Do you have a laptop you love and wonder what other laptops are similar? Try our similar laptop finder:

The Similar Laptop Finder

Browse by price

Do you have a limited budget? Well, we all have! Here are our collections of the best laptop for less than ...




Browse by brand

For the following brands, we feature dedicated comparison charts:






Browse by Graphics Card

For the following GPUs, we feature dedicated comparison charts:

Nvidia RTX 3080